“I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams! This industry has allowed me to meet some of the neatest people, and I am both humbled and honored to have the opportunity of working with so many incredible talents!”

- Kenny Mock

Kenny is no stranger to Southern Gospel Music. He normally functions behind the scenes, serving in various supporting roles. Lately, the industry has called on Kenny to have more of a public presence by serving as master of ceremonies or bass vocalist for various concerts and events. Labeled as “the voice of gold”, his rich baritone/bass voice can also be heard on Internet and broadcast media as a voice-over personality.

During Kenny’s on-going years of training, he has studied under some of the industry’s most respected teachers, including the legendary Dr. Jim Halsey. Over the years, he has travelled with various notable groups, including The Tulsans Quartet, Forgiven Quartet, Sacred Call, and others. His ear has earned the trust of many in the industry and he’s had the honor of recording projects for some of the region's best-loved talents, including Sherman Andrus, Len Mink, Folenius, Lineage Of David, The Tulsans Quartet, Master's Voice, Janice Ponds, Joey Johnson, Susan Hart, and others.

Kenny’s resourcefulness, creativity, dependability, and insight has earned him a place of trust in the careers of many ministries and artists today.

Audio Engineer, Graphics Designer,

Voice-Over Artist, Emcee, Consultant

Narrative by Kenny:

The Orator, The Preacher, & the 23rd Psalm

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